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Mini Receiver-in-the-ear (miniRITE) MiniRITE is extremely popular because of its tiny size
Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) Slightly larger than the mini but still barely noticeable.
Behing-the-ear (BTE) More powerful than the miniRITE and RITE, yet very discreet
In-the-ear (ITE) Easy to handle and suitable for a wide range of hearing losses.
Completely-in-canal (CIC) These are so small they are virtually invisible and preferred by those with wider ear canals (Not suitable for severe hearing loss)
Other Customer Products
Hearing Protection Whether it's for musicians, workers, hunters of sports enthusiasts, these plugs can reduce your exposure to harmful levels of sound Swim Plugs Custom swim plugs can help protect your ears while enjoying your time at the beach or simply while in the shower.
Personal Listening Do your earbuds on your mp3 player fall out while at the gym? Custom fit molds can easily be attached for a more comfortable and secure fit.
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