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For most people hearing loss develops slowly over time and therefore goes undiagnosed. Identifying some common difficulties may help you or someone you know to determine the need for a baseline-hearing test. If you answer yes to any of the following questions we recommend you contact our office to schedule a diagnostic hearing evaluation.
  • Do you have any trouble understanding conversation in noisy environments or group settings?
  • Do you notice that you can hear voices but cannot always understand what is being said?
  • Do your friends or family members complain that you turn the television up to loudly?
  • Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do you avoid social situations because you can't hear well and worry you will respond incorrectly?
  • Do you frequently think people mumble when they speak to you?
  • Do you have increased difficulty hearing women and children's voices?
  • Do you have difficultly hearing the telephone?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing during worship services or at meetings?
  • Do your family and friends express frustration about your ability to hear?
Hearing Centers of R.I.
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